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MALOSSI Cylinder - 185 cc I-Tech (CDI not integrated in throttle body

MALOSSI Cylinder - 185 cc I-Tech (CDI not integrated in throttle body

MALOSSI Cylinder -MALOSSI 185 cc I-Tech (CDI not integrated in throttle body)- Piaggio 125-150 cc 4T (AC) 3V ie (Euro 3) - VESPA LX 3V (EUROPA -> 06/2013), Primavera 3V (EUROPA/US), Sprint 3V

Part no.: M3116550




Malossi Big Bore cylinder I-TECH 4 STROKE 183cc
Malossi is steaming up the new Piaggio 3 valve engines!

About 183cc are achieved by widening the bore from Ø52mm (original) to Ø63mm.

This gives the engine much more torque and driving pleasure. As always with Malossi, the life span of the engine is as good as the original thanks to very good material selection and processing. According to the increased torque of the large cylinder kit, owners of a 125cc version should use the clutch and converter of the 150cc version (see accessories). These are much more stable and larger in size, thus improving not only the transmission ratio range but also the touring capability. The ForceMaster module adapts to the new injection requirements, but can also be adjusted individually (+/- 20%). The module automatically raises the speed limit of the integrated speed limiter by 1000 rpm. The module also has four fixed pre-programmed mappings.


Technical data:

  • bore: 63mm
  • stroke: 58.6mm
  • capacity: 182.6ccm
  • cylinder: Aluminium cylinder with ultra-hard Nickel-Silcium-Carbide coating (therefore very good heat dissipation, short warm-up phase, and very long service life)
  • The original cylinder head is retained
  • Incl. ForceMaster module
  • Complete, ready-to-install kit


NOTE: Due to the different throttle valve types (with integrated CDI and without) Malossi offers two different cylinders:


Part number M3116550 suitable for vehicles WITHOUT integrated CDI in the throttle body:

    • PRIMAVERA 3V 125cc (VIETNAM) RP8M2821 - RP8M82100 (M100M - M821M)
    • PRIMAVERA 3V 150cc (VIETNAM) RP8M82200 - RPM828F (M822M - M815M)
    • 946 ABS 3V 125cc (M801M)
    • GTS Euro3 3V 125cc
    • GTS Euro3 3V 150cc
    • LT Euro3 3V 125cc/150cc
    • S Euro3 3V 2012 125cc
    • LX 3V 2012 - 2013 125cc (EUROPE) ZAPM68300 - ZAPM68303 <- 06-2013 (M687M - M68AM)
    • LX 3V 2013 125cc (TAIWAN) RP8M68300 (M689M)
    • LX 3V 2012 - 2013 125cc (VIETNAM) RP8M66500 (M669M)
    • LXV 3V 2013 - 2014 125cc (VIETNAM) RP8M66502 - RP8M66302 (M669M - M689M)
    • LX 3V 2012 - 2013 150cc (EUROPE) ZAPM68400 <- 06-2013 (M688M)
    • LX 3V 2012 - 2013 150cc (VIETNAM) RP8M66600 (M66AM)
    • LXV 3V 2013 - 2014 150cc (VIETNAM) RP8M66602 (M66AM)


70% payment required
Eta 1 week or earlier by FedEx, UPS or DHL
Currently, we only accept payment by Paynow or bank transfer only

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